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  Yichun is located in the northwest of jiangxi province . It was found in Han Dynasty and has more than 2200 years history . It dominates zhangshu, Fengcheng, Gao’an , Shanggao, Wanzai ,Yifeng, Tonggu, Fengxin, Jing’an , Yuanzhou etc 3 cities and 6 counties . With a total area of 18,700 square Kilometers and a population of 5,400,000  There are Han, Hui,Meng, Zang, Miao, Yi, Zhuang,  BuYi, Man, Tong, Yao, Bai, TuJia, HaNi, Dai, Li, Gaoshan, Shui, NaXi, Jingpo, Tu, Molao, Bulang, YiLao, Jingzhu etc 33 folks . And Han People is 99.93%.  Most of the region is hill and mountanious . Yichun city has a subtropical mild climate, abundant rainfall, characterized by clearly-cut seasons .  It was famous of  its picturesque scenery , soil fecundity,flatus as spring and  the  four seasons is well.

  Yichun ‘s nature resource is very plenty .The forest area  covers 52.78% of the whole city .  It is the keystone of jiangxi Province in forest  and bamboo . The fact shows that water resource is 600,000 kilowatt and can be empoldered is 380,000 kilowatt.  It proved  up that there are 41 kinds of  mine and tantalum , niobium is named as one of “  five golden flowers “ of Jiangxi province .  Yichun is the biggest production base of tantalum , niobium, lithium material .  lithium reserves covers 89.3% of China and  silicon reserves  covers 25% of China .  Coal, rock , limestone ‘s reserves is the first place of Jiangxi Province .

  Yichun’s  Zoology environment is very superiority.  It is the one of the  first trial cities in China. The water of Yichun’s  seven   rivers meet drinkable requirement .  All the atmosphere quality of 10 counties and cities  meet national standard . There are 486  history  culture sites and 54 key points of interest.  The namable  place is one of the six famous vaults which was protected by China -----“  Hongzhou vaults “  ,  Wu Cities’s sites in  Shang dynasty .and chronometer  observation station –Yuanzhou Building and one of the Taoism famous mountain --- Gezao Mountain where  Gexuan in DongHan period   picked   medicine to refine  red .  Yichun has 1 national standard nature protect district , I national standard scenery key point of interest , 4 first class forest parks , 4 province class forest parks , 2 province class nature protect distict  and 4 province  scenery key point of interest.  Sanzhualun  forest park named as “The world of wonderland “  Mingyueshan named as “ It is not Huang Mountain but exceed Huang Mountain “ . It has  national key protected precious and rare tree species in the world  –Huamu tree .  The hotspring of Wentang town which located in the suburbia of Yichun  contain plenty of selenium .  The perennial temperature is more than 72℃ . It is a good place for recuperating and  spending  our holiday.

  Yichun Culture is very dense . It always compared as “ Jiangnan beautiful place , cultural relic prosperous state ”. During tang dynasty famous poet Wangbo’s poem 《TengWangGe Xu》 ,there are “ thing  braveness  sky preciousness” “People famous and earth bier “ . All  the persons , things ,  contents come from Yichun . When  Hanyu was officer in Yichun , he wrote “ don’t drop playing in Yichun due to his  far , the landscape is worthy of playing  ”to praise YiChun .  Yichun’s person with ability gathered together from of old .  There were  many famous figures including Xuruzi ,who was one of the famous scholars in Han dynasty. Tao Yuanming , the famous litterateur in Jin dynasty. Liu Shenxu and  Zheng Gu ,  the famous poets  in Tang dynasty . Liu Shu , who was  the historian in Song dynasty .  Du Ben , who was the scholar in Yuan dynasty . Jie XiSi and Fan Deji , who were  the poets in Yuan dynasty .  Chen Bangzhan, the historian in Ming dynasty . Song Yingxing was  the scientist in Ming dynasty and Deng Zilong was the famous general in Ming dynasty .  Xin congyi, Yang Xifu and Kuang Zhong who were  the famous lieges in Qing     dynasty .Nowadays, There are also a lost of famous persons including Xiong Xiong , who is one of the revolutionist.   Yang Xingfo , the democracy fighter.  Xiong Foxi , who is the dramaer and Wu Youxun,  Zhang xun and Xia zhengnong who are the physical scientist. Yichun ’religion culture is of long standing. It is the birthplace of China  Buddhism “ Chanling Qinggui” . Many zen ancestors centralized in Yichun .  Among the hills , there are millions of dragon and elephant parlanced in Yichun .  Such as Yuanzhou Xiying temple , Jing’an Bao’feng temple ,fengxing Baizhang temple , Yifeng Dongshan Huangpi. During zen five families , Lizong was borned in Huangpi of Yifeng .  Cao Dongzong developed in Dong mountain  of Yifeng . Wei Yangzong died in yang mountain of Yuanzhou district . MaZhuDaoYi, BaiZhangHuaiHai, HuangPiXiYun, YangShanHuiJi, DongShanLiangJia etc . dignitaries assemble in Yichun . It makes Yichun’s zen Culture rich and colorful. Many tongues, phrase , words and sentences and many history political affairs formed  or related to Yichun due to zen culture . From Japan , korea , Europe, America etc many countries ,  a lot of  zens can directly or indirectly traced to the source to Yichun . China Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference, and Buddhism ISOC chairman ----Master Cheng  now still is  as the president of BAOFENG temple in Jing’an of Yichun .

  Yichun was called as “ Agriculture classy county “ which is the important production base of grain , oil tea , high quality ramee in China . It almost achieves 17%  output in grain ,cotton ,oil ,pig and aquatic product  with 11% infield ,12% population .The industry also has a quite great development in Yichun , formed a complete industrial system including five  main strut of medication ,food ,building material ,mechanical & electronic ,energy sources along with chemical , spinning . Yichun has a advantage traffic .The Jinjiu  railway is across from north to south .The Zhe and Gan railway is  through pass  from east to west ;The 320,105 national highway across and Ganyue ,Lurui and Daguang spread out ; there are total about one thousand kilometer waterway sail in Yichun since Yuan river and Jin river through Yichun then infuse Gan river . The basic establishment of Yichun city centre zone become more and more integrated ,The visage of the city changed with each passing day .Yichun has earned many title : “National virescence city” , “National gardens ciry” , “the traffic smooth one level city” , “China prime tour city” and “China tidy city” etc .The Yichun government plan to develop it as a centre  developed city with 72 sq.km zone , 500 thousand people ,becoming as the economy center of the west of Jiangxi and the best delightful lcity in the middle of  China .

  Education , culture , sanitation etc . community affairs are  flourishing in Yichun city now . ”Two Basic” education is  already up to the requirement  , The scope and quality of senior high school education come out top in  Jiangxi province . ”The Yichun College ” was established in 2000 , is a bachelor level and the second university in Jiangxi province . The organization of medical treatment has been set up in every town and county , the level of the sickbed and technical persons can be shared per ten thousand people already over the province average level . The culture act the view of “All flowers blooms together” , the “Pick Tea plan” in Gaoan , the “Farmer photography” in Shanggao , the print in Yuanzhou , the “Farmer poem” in Jing’an ,  the “Root Engraving” and “Atabal Cartoon” in Yifeng , the “Farmer paint” in Fengxin , the “Nuo dance” in Wanzai , the dancing in Zhangshu and calligraphy in Yuanzhou , all of these compose the brilliance , special and regionally culture in Yichun . The physical culture is flourishing too ,Yichun successfully hold hundreds of national and international physical game , including “The Fifthly Farmer Game” . Many player from Yichun got excellent achievement in different national or international games . Especially , the famous player “Yang Wenjun” earned the champion in the Olympics , Asian Games and National Games .


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